Amor Fati -  You must love all of your fate to love any of it. 

And when you learn to love your fate this way,

you will have finally discovered

living it.

Amor Fati is a collection of photographs, paintings, poems, and light projections that explore and express the experience of the soul through various stages of its personal evolution. Traversing the philosophy of the nihilist, and the theosophy of the religious, through the trenches of the banality of human existence, the Amor Fati collection, stretches the boundaries of our understanding on every level and in this way, draws us more into our own personal experience, as it is shared in the collective experience of our humanity.   

It is as much an epitaph for life herself, as it is a commemoration of the journey to find her.

In its entirety, the Amor Fati collection is a scrap book of the soul on journey from life to death, and death to life again.

To being merely human at all times, and yet, to being more... amor fati.  Cheers!



Artwork and poetry coming soon...