Et Libertas

The Et Libertas collection is about the emergence of a new vernacular for expressing the collective evolution of our trans- cultural mythologies for individual and interpersonal growth and benefit.

What does that mean? my daughters ask.

It means that none of us is truly free until we are all free.

And the perception of duality as ingrained by early philosophers,  while a massive benefit to our understanding, has over time,  petrified into a rigid structure which does not allow for our evolving understandings to be expressed.  Thus what was perhaps intended to unite people with understanding in truth, has actually become a hindrance to truth, which divides people and cultures, rather than uniting them, under the illusion of duality and the myth of mutually exclusive beliefs.

What does that mean? my daughters ask again!

It means that language is poetry because words have the meanings that we give them, and that the meanings we gave them once, are now causing a lot of misunderstanding in the world and a lot of conflict in the hearts of a lot of people.  It means that words are just words, yes, but that words also beget our understanding, and we should always be aware of this.

Libertas is the free feminine, the balance, the life that is missing from our life.  On a personal level, she is the unconscious calling to us to find wholeness there, on a collective level, she is the lost princess, the missing feminine in the our modern yet historically patriarchal systems.

Libertas is the mother of the motherless, and the bride of the Christ in each of us. 

Libertas is voice of Liberty.


Poetry and images coming soon...