Consulting +  Creating +  Collaborating

With an academic background in cultural theory and communications, careers in marketing management and photography, and experience as a visual design and word artist herself, Stacy brings a diverse and unique skill set to all of her creative projects. As a freelance creative consultant and founder of Fulcrum Road, a creative strategy consulting firm, Stacy uniquely aspires to aid organizations in discovering their heart, establishing a voice, and actualizing true potential.  She is especially innovative in creative solutions and strategic messaging through the use of visual design and imagery.

creative direction and design strategy - creating and implementing creative solutions and strategic messaging - marketing management with optimized ROI - corporate image building and branding - collateral development - copy writing - photography and photo editing - visual communications - event planning - organizational management and productivity optimization - communication strategy



Fulcrum Road is a creative strategy consulting firm aimed at facilitating the development of authentic corporate identity in order to strategize messaging and optimize success.  We aspire to aid companies in discovering their heart, establishing a voice, and actualizing their true potential. We specialize in connecting industry and the arts in order to unify business and consumers with shared interests, values and objectives in order to achieve authentic balance and perpetuate true success.

Discover Identity ->  Establish voice-> Catalyze change
In essence, we take interpersonal concepts of self discovery and employ them on a broad scale to help larger cultural entities (businesses included) to also discover who they are.  We then work with organizations to establish a voice that communicates this identity and then create a plan of action in which change is catalyzed.

Authenticity.  Balance.  Wholeness.
We seek to unify business and consumers with shared interests, values and objectives, in order to; discover authenticity of purpose,  promote sustainability through wholeness, and achieve the balance necessary for peace and true success.

We Strategize.  Creative strategy and plan development.
We Implement.  Marketing and brand strategy implementation.
We Consult.  With area specific expertise and big picture awareness, we help discover creative solutions and achieve specific goals.
We Service.  Offering specific per diem service solutions in creative and practical areas to help you fully implement and integrate multi faceted business strategies.
We Connect.  Serving as a hub of communication and collaboration we promote synergistic and symbiotic relationships underpinned with shared interests, values and objectives.  
We Translate.  Utilizing poetics as a means of cultural translation we identify illusory divides of misperception and work to bridge traditionally juxtaposed cultures and interests.