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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then visual art is poetry. 

While I sometimes I feel i was born a poet, cursed and blessed from the outset with a different view of the world than my peers, my experience with the visual arts really began with photography, which is not only a life long passion, but was my career for 8 years as well.  And while I find natural expression through both words and the photographic medium, it seems I am always pushing the boundaries of what that expression allows me.  Maybe its rebellion, maybe its exploration, or maybe you would agree (as I have found) that personal expression simply does not fit into nice neat categories, and when the boundaries of the mind fall away, so to do the sometimes limiting boundaries of our understanding.   

And in the stillness of that place, where the mind becomes entangled in its own reflection and falls away, I find a beauty that spurs nearly all that I do as an artist.

That said, my work tends to revolve around themes more than mediums, and while I am a poet at heart, that poetry often finds expression in the visual arts as well, in collections of mixed genre that include;  photographs, paintings, poems, and light projections, which explore and express the experience of the soul through various stages of it's personal evolution.

One of the most beautiful aspects of poetry to me is that is speaks in different ways to different people.  And it is my greatest aspiration as an artist, that my work might speak to people in a way that transcends my base expression, and allows the heart to touch itself.



poet.  photographer.  artist.  creative consultant.

Stacy De Groot is a visual design and word artist living in the Arts District of DTLA.  Using light as a point of reference through intentionally undefined artistic mediums, her projects are often emotionally evocative and intellectually provocative, exploring the contextual aspects of imagery while challenging traditional structures of understanding with poetic applications of psychological inference, philosophical implication and religious reference.  Sometimes displaying an abrupt and unexpected preference for play, masked with an intentionally pretentious esoteric vernacular, her work works to expose perception as illusion while paradoxically affirming the surrealists quest to arrive at a personal awareness of all that is real.


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SDG Creative - www.stacydegroot.co

Word Art LA - www.wordartla.com





  • LEFT Magazine, Feature Article/Interview, Oct 2015
  • SGV Poetry Quarterly, Sep, 2015
  • Entropy Magazine, July 2015



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Antioch University, Los Angeles.  MFA Poetics and Creative Writing, ex 2016

CSU Fullerton.  BA Cultural Theory/American Studies, 2003

Calvin College.  1999-2001